artwork for bingo loco show in killarney

Guess who's throwing a ghoulish gala this Halloween at the Gleneagle INEC Gleneagle? That's right, it's yours truly with Bingo Loco's Loco House of Horrors!

If you're thinking this is your regular spooky event, think again. We're bringing you our most electrifying gRave Round to date. 

And oh boy, you're in for a treat - the incredible Abba Disco, Ireland's beloved oddball, Dustin the Turkey Freakshow, and a surprise dash of Mickey Joe Harte 🌎. 


Location: Gleneagle Inec Arena, Killarney

Doors open: 6:30 PM 

Last entry: 7:45 PM

Show ends: 11:00 PM